Ragnar Art

Tribute to the Table
The Table bringing art and people together, and the beauty of East European wallnut wood preserved with black resin.
The Table brings to the heart of your interior minimalism enriched with the beauty of natural walnut wood ethically sourced in East Poland. This supreme product with a soul poured into it deserved evolving into an upscale brand.
The timelessness and natural beauty of The Table as well as the creator's background brought us home to thinking of Norse mythology. Odin’s eight legged horse has become the logo of the brand, standing for the raw yet sophisticated beauty and sturdiness of the table. The elegant stylised horse symbol is accompanied by a logotype in a modern and at the same time runic-looking font.

The brand colour palette is an off-black sampled from black resin used for the table, classy off-white to complement it, as well as royal golden and navy blue. The colours support the balanced and luxury feel of the brand.
All design was prepared to look minimal, relevant and earthy, with a set of custom-designed icons accompanying professional photography of the product in various contexts.
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